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Terms and Conditions for Therapy with Dr Jaclyne Di Croce
This document outlines the Terms and Conditions for services provided to therapy clients by Dr Jaclyne Di Croce.
Dr Jaclyne Di Croce’s Privacy Policy can be found at
Dr Jaclyne Di Croce is a trained, experienced, and insured Psychologist and would be happy to provide you with further details of training upon request. Dr Jaclyne Di Croce is a member of the HCPC professional body, maintains Chartership with the BPS, and adheres to both organisations codes of ethics and conduct.
In keeping with the aforementioned codes of ethics and conduct, as well as practicing in accordance with the GDPR regulations, Dr Jaclyne Di Croce recognises that it is essential for professional therapy services to be confidential, trustworthy, secure and discreet. As a client of Dr Jaclyne Di Croce your privacy and confidentiality is protected with the utmost care and sensitivity, and Dr Jaclyne Di Croce is committed to protecting the privacy of therapeutic clients from the initial enquiry to the end of therapy, and beyond.
Content discussed in therapy is confidential between client and therapist. Brief session notes will be kept, which are anonymised and stored securely. Should Dr Jaclyne Di Croce assess that a client is at risk of harming themselves, or a disclosure is made that leads the therapist to think that someone else is at risk of coming to harm, then information will be shared with the relevant agencies.
Dr Jaclyne Di Croce receives clinical supervision to discuss client work to ensure quality, safe and ethical practice. Client identity remains protected in supervision and clinical supervision is bound by a confidentiality agreement.
In some instances it is beneficial or necessary for the therapist to be in touch with a client’s GP. Dr Jaclyne Di Croce may discuss contacting the client’s GP with the client, depending on what arises in assessment and therapy. Furthermore, it is sometimes useful for the client to inform their GP of the start of therapeutic work, which will be addressed in session if necessary.
Client personal information is handled and stored in accordance with GDPR regulations. Personal data is stored digitally on an encrypted system. This data comprises client contact details, GP details and emergency contact details as provided by the client at the beginning of therapy.  Further details can be found within Dr Jaclyne Di Croce’s Privacy Policy (
In accordance with HCPC guidelines, client information will continue to be stored securely for seven years after therapy comes to an end. The client may request to access their personal information at any time.
Dr Jaclyne Di Croce offers sessions in person, online and by telephone. Furthermore, Dr Jaclyne Di Croce offers a flexible practice in which one can switch between different modalities over the course of therapy if necessary; this can be discussed between the client and therapist. Sessions last up to fifty minutes. A client who attends their session part-way through the allotted time will be seen to the end of the allotted time only, and the full session fee will apply. Furthermore, Dr Jaclyne Di Croce will assume if a client has not attended their session within twenty-five minutes of the allotted start time that the client is not attending and full session fee will apply.
Sessions cancelled less than forty-eight (48) hours before the appointment start time are charged in full. Sessions missed without notice of cancellation are charged in full. These terms apply across all modalities of therapy delivery.

Dr Jaclyne Di Croce reserves the right to terminate the therapeutic relationship at any time should this be deemed necessary.

Payment is requested at the time of booking via the online booking platform. However, in special circumstances Dr Jaclyne Di Croce would accept bank transfer as a method of payment prior to the beginning of the session. Dr Jaclyne Di Croce reserves the right not to proceed with therapeutic work if full payment has not been received.
Dr Jaclyne Di Croce does not offer crisis mental health support. Should a client become suicidal or in crisis, or require urgent attention in relation to their mental health they are advised to contact their GP surgery or other NHS service. The following services may also be contacted:
NHS 24 – 111
This service is available to give help and advice if your GP surgery is closed and you cannot wait until it re-opens
Samaritans – 116 123;
This service provides twenty-four hour emotional support to individuals who are suicidal or in crisis.
Should you have any questions or concerns with regards to this therapeutic agreement at any point in time please do not hesitate to contact Dr Jaclyne Di Croce and she will be happy to discuss this with you.
By confirming the first therapy appointment with Dr Jaclyne Di Croce, the client confirms their agreement to the above terms and conditions.
Yours sincerely and with thanks,

Dr Jaclyne Di Croce, C.Psychol
Chartered Psychologist & HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist

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